Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake desktop CPUs – or at the very least, upper-tier family members – could require some serious cooling to keep temperatures under control if recent leaks prove accurate.

ExtremeTech points to a recent post on Twitter which claims the Core i9-10900F, a 10-core / 20-thread part, has a PL1 of 170 watts and a PL2 of 224 watts. PL1 (power level 1) is defined as the amount of power the processor is able to consume over a sustained period of time while PL2 (power level 2) indicates the maximum short-term power consumption of the chip.

TDP (thermal design power) is most often associated with power draw and may be the number you are familiar with but really, it’s not all that useful as it only applies to the base clock.

The Core i7-9700K, for example, carries a TDP rating of 95 watts but increases power to reach PL1 levels. At PL2 levels for boost frequencies, it goes even higher.

Assuming these PL1 and PL2 figures are accurate, well, it’s safe to say that you’re probably going to want to invest in a high-end cooler of some sort if you plan on getting an upper tier chip, and especially if you want to do a bit of overclocking. A quality air cooler should do the trick, as would a decent closed-loop watercooler.