About Us

Based in Palestine but working globally, Telnet is a professional services company established in 2014 by telecom and IT industry experts.

Each contract starts with a realistic business assessment and professional technical design.

Telnet’s senior engineers provide end-to-end solutions, using innovative strategies to create optimal results for our clients. 

Vision & Mission


“To be a leading ICT company in Palestine and Arab region.”


  • Offer ICT professional services for Palestinian market and Arab region.
  • Hiring top – notch senior engineers in ICT field and spread the knowledge to the fresh graduate engineers.
  • To be the first choice ICT consultancy company in the country.
  • Propose new technologies to our customers and make use of the latest techniques from the international companies.
  • In addition to our presence in Gaza, we will open new markets in Gulf area and Iraq.
  • We are committed to train and build the capacity of our employees.

Why choose Telnet as partner?

  • Specialized teams: Telnet dedicates senior specialists for every service it provides (Networking, data centers (active/passive), unified communications and collaboration, cloud services and security …).
  • Total Solutions Company: Telnet offers ‘turnkey’ solutions, providing alternatives and smart solutions that meet your needs and optimize your environment. All comply with global best practices. Clients receive high-end services and future technology trends always considered.
  • Partnerships: We are high-level partners with global vendors (Cisco, VMware, EMC, Fortinet, A10 networks, Symantec and others).
  • Local, regional and international alliances: Telnet has specialist alliances in Palestine, Jordan, Gulf countries, Turkey, Cyprus, USA and Europe for software, hardware appliances, cables and accessories, smart solutions, mobile applications and telecom solutions.
  • Financial position: Telnet is a privately owned, financially robust, company consisting ofprofessionals and specialists in the fields of telecom and IT. The business has invested heavily in in-house training and marketing, alongside its many in-house development projects.
  • Green and smart: Telnet provides green and smart solutions for schools, universities, hospitals, hotels and public and commercial firms.

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